RFID Accessories Include Cables, Mounts and Power Supplies

Use RFID accessories including cables, mounts, power supplies, upgrade kits, multiplexors and more.

RFID Accessories

What are Popular RFID Accessories?

Popular accessories include spare batteries, mounts to hold readers and antennas, charging cradles and device mounts. In most applications, the accessories streamline the usability of RFID devices.

RFID Cables Rundown

RFID cables are responsible for connecting fixed RFID readers to antennas. The connectors on the cables must match the connectors on both the reader and the antenna. Typically, it’s a best practice to use the shortest amount of cabling to get the job done as there is a slight RF power loss in the cabling. Thicker cables have a smaller loss but may be harder to bend around corners or manage from an installation perspective.

What are Common Errors When Selecting RFID Accessories?

Common errors include selecting an RFID cable with the wrong connectors or forgetting to add components like power supplies and cables if they are required for your use case.

What You Should Know Regarding RFID Accessories

We have outlined various guides on RFID4UStore.com for RFID readers, printers along with other products and have highlighted the key accessories available for each one.